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May 2008

Up north for Memorial Day

Lake Lawrence, Outing, Minnesota


Jacquie and I have been coming up for Memorial Day to Outing to visit with my parents annually. Last year we did not, as my folks were in the process of moving up - for good! This year unfortunatley, Jacquie has her final CFA exam (CFA Level III Candidate Jacquie D. Ross to you and me mere mortals . . .) so she is currently in intensive study mode. Therapy will follow later, but until now and 7 June she is lasered focused on passing the exam never to look back again.

So - I have made the rek up north alone, but have had a good time doing the tyoical things we do up here - fish off the pontoon boat, drink some beer, walk around the woods a bit, visit with some of Mom and Dads friends. Even went to church and made a visit to some goats. Oh, and did I mention fishing? It is after all religion up here, so we've been on the water daily. The fich have been a bit less than aggressive, as the weather has only just started to warm up. Bad, because it means the fish aren;t very hungry. But - good in that it means fewer of the bird sized mosquitoes that breed up here and can drink a pint of blood out of you like a good red-cross donor program.

Here's a few of the things I've been up to with my folks.

Opening Bass day here in Minnesota-

First I get a little guy


Then 5 minutes later a 2-pounder!


Here's a little video of some 'fishing' . . . . we didn't catch much!

There's lots to do up here other than fish - we went over to Kevin and Paula (friends of Mom and Dad from Lawrence Lake that moved) and they have sled dogs and goats. Pictures of goats to follow, but here's Dad with one of his favorite dogs.


Lots of people cruise around on ATV's. Dad usually thinks they're idiots. Then he bought one last winter to plow snow . . . and do all kind sof other things. I took one for a 10 minute ride. When I came back 45 minutes later, the folks were freaking out and worried I crashed and died. TUrns out I was just having some fun!


Can you see the bugs stuck in my teeth? Good for bait as well . . . . .

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